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Even though the forum administrators and moderators will do their best to remove any kind of cuestionable material, as soon as possible, it is not possible for them to search and monitor every message in the forum. Therefore, by registering, you agree on the fact that all the messages posted in these forums, express only the views of their authors and not the administrators', moderators' or from the webmaster (except for the messages posted by them) for that reason, they won't be held responsible for those contents. By registering, you agree not to publish any material that may be: Illegal, abusive, obscene, vulgar, racist, threatening, sexually oriented or material that may somehow violate the law in your current country. If you post some sort of innapropriate material, your accessing account will be cancelled. The IP adress of every message in the forum is stored to help protecting the forum community. You agree that this forum's webmaster, administrator and modearators have the rights to delete, edit, move or close any post or subject, or even cancelling and deleting your account at any time if they consider it convenient. As a forum user you accept for any information you exchange with this site, to be stored in a data base. Even though this information won't be available to anyone without your consent (except with a court order), the webmaster, administrator and moderators, can't be held responsible if hackers manage to leak information from the data base. If you want more information about the privacy policy you would be agreeing to if you register, "click here(spanish version)". If the forum's content is for adults only, you must be 18 years old or more (according to the laws where you reside) to access and sign up. By signing up you will accept all of the conditions here metioned.

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