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Situation of the coated xolo
PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:30 pm Reply with quote

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I've heard over and over how "old schooled" breeders cull coated puppies and how newcomers learn from elders to cull puppies as well.
If this statement was done a few years ago it'll be completely true, but nowadays this is only a fact for a minority of elders, but not for newbies.
Some "old schoolers" and newbies (I could even dare to say all newbies) respect and apreciate this valuable variety of our beloved breed.

I've also heard how "cruel" some breeders are because "they abandon pet quality dogs in their backyeard", which is also false.
Some can take proper care of 5, 10, 20 or 100 dogs, but no one sane will have more dogs than the ones they can take proper care of.
Therefore, why having pets "abandoned" in a backyard when they can (and will) do great as pets??
I've seen dogs from top winning bloodlines (in mexico and abroad) placed as pets in good and loving homes.
So difunding the story of stone-hearted breeders is only a fact for "puppy millers", not for real breeders.

Coateds are not "new", yes, they have just been accepted by FCI, but they've been around for a while and there are people who have been working for and with them in different areas of the xolo world for a while, such as Gabriel Vargas, a successfull trainer who has been working with coated for a few years; or Alberto Campos, Gabriel Mestre, Renata Magaldi, Victor Alvarez, Elida Vega, Patty Hoover, Ase & Jane Persson, Carina Svenningson, among others (if I named all I could probably need a gazillion of pages) who have included coateds in their breeding programs with great results (not only females, but males as well); or Mr. Gerardo Santiago whose return to the xolo world will be with 2 coateds; Cesar Mendiola, Zahira Ocampo, among other newbies who also work
promoting the coated.

Coated xolos have been (and still are) beloved pets, agility champions, obedience masters, successfull therapy dogs and recently, winning show dogs.
There's a long path to go, but with the work of breeders, owners and xolo-lovers, the coated will get the place it deserves right next to its hairless sibling.

Instead of worring about the sad past of the coated, I encourage the reader to think in what the coated is nowadays, what it is going to be, and what most of us xolo-lovers are working for, the equality for both varieties.
Why preocupate when we should ocupate??
There are still some "issues" we need to work with, specially with the "showing" part, which is one way to reach tipicity.

Train your coateds, show them with them same enthusiasm the hairless are shown; yes, some judges still refuse to judge them, but we should keep pushing and showing the beauty of the duality.


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Situation of the coated xolo
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