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Bait Training
PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:30 pm Reply with quote

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BY: BETTE WYNN as published in DOG WORLD 1983

Successful bait training works best when introduced at a young age. By following these easy steps you can produce a dog that will bait non-stop under most circumstances. Condition the pup to respond to a phrase like "cookie" by starting him at three weeks, when you begin to wean the litter.

FROM THREE TO SIX WEEKS- Each time you place food in the puppies' pen, announce your arrival loudly, with much repeating of "cookie". You may feel like an idiot, but it definitely teaches the puppies to respond alertly every time they hear the correct word. At this point, all you are doing is conditioning them to expect "goodies" whenever they hear the word "cookie". By the end of six weeks you should be greeted by a litter of happy baiting puppies every time they hear "cookie".

AT SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS- Work the puppies individually but not with a leash. Introduce small pieces of soft moist food or liver at this time. Don't worry about how or where the puppies stands, or even if he stands. At this point, all you are interested in is getting the pup's ears up at the use of the word "cookie". Timing is important. Reward as soon as the ears are in the proper position.

EIGHT TO NINE WEEKS- Is the fear stage. Don't introduce anything new. Continue working as before.

NINE TO TEN WEEKS- Put the leash on the pup but let him drag it on the floor. Continue baiting as before. By this time pups should be pricking ears instantly at the word "cookie".

TEN TO TWELVE WEEKS- Pick up the leash, and holding loosely, continue baiting. Don't worry about anything but ear response. Gradually begin increasing time before giving a "cookie".

AT TWELVE TO FOURTEEN WEEKS- Encourage a pup to turn by guiding with bait. Again, don't worry about how he stands. At this point you are teaching him to follow so that he is baiting in front of you. Feed as soon as his attention start to wander. By this time he should be standing in front of you, watching the bait for several minutes at a time.

AT SIXTEEN WEEKS- Start walking the pup into proper position. At this point, worry only about what his front does. As soon as he stops in the proper position with his ears up, feed him. Timing, again, is important. Start introducing the word "stay" and begin backing away until the pup is baiting steadily several feet from you. Once he knows where his front belongs, begin working on the rear. Guide the dog with the leash, by the stepping back, or around in a circle. If the pup needs to stretch his rear legs, take a step towards him. Feed him when in the proper position, with ears alert.

BY FIVE MONTHS- You should have a puppy that baits like a dream. Continue to practice occasionally.

Be careful to follow these ten rules to keep your puppy baiting and looking good.

1. Guide with the leash, never the foot. Foot shy dogs rarely bait well for long. Owners hopping around on one foot also tend to produce a ridiculous picture.

2. Bait at the dogs eye level. This produces a much prettier top line and arch of the neck. Nothing ruins a topline quicker than a dog with his nose six feet in the air.

3. Keep yourself as straight and still as possible. You will present a much more attractive picture. Under no circumstances should you toss bait all over the ring or move your hand up and down vigorously. All you do is distract from your dog, causing him to look like he is bobbing for apples. Both of you will look like idiots.

4. Never allow your dog to grab the bait from your hand. Someone else may have to show him, or the judge may have to bait him, and both will probably value their fingers and want them intact.

5. Keep practicing until you dog baits at the end of the leash. This presents the best picture. If you allow him to bait to close, you may cause him to appear cow-hocked, short-back, poor in topline, short neck, or all of the above. If he is at the end of the leash, you can see the picture you are presenting to the judge.

6. Leave plenty of room in the ring to work your dog.

7. Practice at home with snacks, but save the liver for special occasions. This helps assure the dog will be baiting his best when you need it the most.

8. Feed frequently ( small bits) and keep his mind on you and what he is doing.

9. Feed immediately and talk to him the minute his attention starts to wander.

10. Don't feed the night before a show, keep everything possible in your favor. After all, a hungry dog is a healthy dog, and almost always a baiting dog.

Here are a few suggestions that might prove helpful. Practice in pairs. Competition sometimes helps and has been known to do strange things to some dogs and some people. Go back to the basics. Getting "ears" are the main concern. Timing is of up most importance. Make hamburger or other goody balls and play catch or silly games. Popcorn works well too. Keep it fun for the dog and don't ever let him know it's anything but a game! Play by his rules. The only thing I've never been able to do is convince a dog he's going to the dog show for dinner. But I am still working on it!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:50 am Reply with quote

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Thank you, Gio, for interesting article! It contains some very interesting and useful advice, especially for amateur Laughing .

If you are not a part of solution, you're a part of problem.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:55 pm Reply with quote

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You are welcome Elena!!
I find this article very interesting and helpful. The explanation is simple, concrete and easy to understand Very Happy
I'll keep posting more show tips and other interesting articles Very Happy

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Bait Training
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